~Monday's are Merrier at Steiner Bears~

On random Monday's, I will post for sale here on my blog......
A "Merry Monday" bear or beastie or what ever is making me "Merry" for sale.
From time to time I will also offer goodies from the over flowing bins of treasures I've hoarded away for years.
I'll always give a "shout out" on the the blog, the Friday before if I will have a "Merry Monday" offering.

A "Merry Monday" piece  will be for sale at  11:00 AM Central Time.
Shopping is easy!

Just email me to purchase~
I accept payment via, personal check, money order or PayPal.

As always, I thank you for visiting, for the many kind notes and comments you send.
Please feel free to write with any requests or questions.
I love hearing from you!